Jenness Walker


You want to know more about me? How sweet of you. I used to have a blog called “Ramblings.” Because that’s what I tend to do when I’m not writing fiction–ramble. So here’s a little random rambling list about me.

1. My early elementary what-I-wanna-be-when-I-grow-up plan was to become a children’s writer/illustrator. Either that, or a teacher so I could write on the chalkboard. Today, my drawings lack…well, a lot of things. My chalkboard-writing skills are sub-par. And until my son came along in 2013, I probably hadn’t read an illustrated children’s book since I was in third grade.  But you know, I’m okay with all that. Funny how dreams and plans change.

2. My first published story was a short romance in Grit. That was pretty special to me because when my dad was a kid, he delivered Grit papers.

3. I love Sobe Citrus Energy drinks. And ice cold Mountain Dew. And Steak and Shake chocolate shakes. And Sonic’s strawberry limeade. And Barq’s root beer. And McDonald’s sweet tea. Basically, hand me a cup with sugar in it and I’m happy.

4. My parents named me after a character in a novel. It was destiny.

5. I adore road trips with my husband. We spend way too much time planning them, but it’s worth it. Small towns. Town squares. Boutique shops. Antique stores. Plays. Mom-and-pop restaurants. Eclectic coffee shops. Throw in a little live music and maybe a zoo, and we’re set!